Anam People

Anam is a town in Anambra West Local Government in the south Eastern state of Anambra in Nigeria. It is located in the north western part of the state. nam is actually an ancient community with great cultural heritage and history deep in agriculture, animism, arts, oratory, philosophy, masquerades, wars, gods & goddesses. 

It is an island that is separated from Onitsha by the famous Anambra River in the south and Otuocha in the east, though Umuoba-one of the communities lies both on the island and across the river in Otuocha. There are eight communities in Anam viz: Umueze, Umuoba, Mmiata, Iyiora(These four are called Ifite-Anam); Umuikwu, Umudiora, Oroma-Etiti and Umuenwelum(These four are called Ezi-Anam). She has boundaries in the North with Nzam; in the east with Aguleri/Umueri; in the west with the River Niger; and in the south with Onitsha Starting from Onitsha one goes through the old Nkisi expressway to Otuocha crosses Anambra River to the western part of Anam while Umuoba Anam is sharing Otuocha with Aguleri and Umueri. The area of the town is riverine with an annual rainfall of about 2500mm. Most of the inhabitants are farmers and fishermen. They produce yam, cassava, maize and rice in abundance yearly. It is popularly known as the food basket of Anambra State. The people of the area are known for their hospitality.

Today, Anam is the largest and most populous community in the Omambala region. Geographically situated across River Omambala (from where the name ‘Anambra’ was derived), North of famous Onitsha city (gate way to the east, Onitsha is also the third largest commercial center in Nigeria and one of the largest in West Africa): west of Otuocha, the Headquarters of Anambra East LGA: and East of Asaba, the Delta State capital: across the famous River Niger. Anam is bounded on the West by River Niger, on the east by river Omambala, on the northeast by River Ezichi and Eziagulu Otu Aguleri in Anambra East LGA, and on land by Echeno, Ika and Omabo, both in Ibaji LGA of Kogi State, as well as Inoma and Nzam both are Igala speaking area of Anambra-West LGA. Diachronic and toponomical studies have shown that, though geographically circumscribe by these rivers.

Anam land has very moderate temperature and friendly weather most of the year. Seasonal experiences in Anam include Udu-mmili (rainy season), Iji (Flood season), Ugulu (harmattan season), Okochi (dry season). A home to various species of medicinal and economic plants, animals, beautiful birds, insects and butterflies original to Anam land.

Anam land is a beautiful evergreen peninsula to behold, from the Akpaka Hill, Nsugbe, Otuocha, Asaba, Anwai & Illah Hills. Surrounded by Rivers Omambala, Niger and Ezichi the topography is flat in nature, a table landmass, which makes the entire area, prone to experience 3months of intense flood every year when the three rivers surrounding the Anam land overflow their banks.

It is one of the most rural areas in Anambra State owing to long period of neglect by the government and its own sons who has been into elective positions. It is a good tourist attraction.

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