Friday, September 28, 2012

The Devastating Effect of Flood in Anam and Entire Anambra West By Engr. Nnaemeka Chukwuemeka

Anam is a clan located on the peninsula in Anambra State South East Nigeria, bounded by both the River Niger and the Anambra River. The area is a low level land on the basin of both rivers with other minor rivers such as Ezichi, Ezu and Oyi flowing into the area through the Anambra River. The people of Anam are predominantly farmers and fishermen with farm settlement This area annually is ravaged by flood which damages both crops and animal, this flood arises from the overflowing of the River banks by the two Rivers in the area which usually come between August and October of the year . This year the flood took the farmers unawares because it started in June due to the opening of the various dams in the north, this affected the farm produce because after a very high sun which killed the yam planted in November last year it was expected that the early rains of march would have made the plants to recover but this did not come as expected since the rains never came till late April and early May. After few months of planting came the first flood which prompted farmers to hurriedly harvested their crops to avoid total lost and not many farmers were lucky as many of them never took anything out of their farms.
Girl looking  as the flood surges in Anam 2012
As if it is not yet over, River Benue overflew its bank in far away Cameroon and forced the Cameroonian Government to open the dam, thereby sending the flood down to River Niger causing an upsurge in the flood menace. the threat of the ravaging flood on the three Nigerian Hydro power dam forced the government to release water from the dams again and the combination of both Rivers which flows down through the area to the Atlantic ocean. This unplanned action by both the Nigerian and Cameroonian Government caused both Anambra River and River Niger to forcefully fin its way into the streets of Anam entering peoples houses and forcing them to be come refugees and homeless in their own fathers land.
Umueze Anam under Water 2012
This picture shows the palace of Late Igwe John C Emeka which has been taken over by flood.
Abuke deity of Anam overtaken by flood 2012
This is the famous Abuke Anam deity now covered by flood in Umueze Anam.
Child with boat in an Anam village during flood 2012
Boat the only means of entering into peoples houses during the early days of the flood.
Anam under flood water 2012

Onono emrgency camp which offered shelter to Anam people but today it has been covered forcing the people to flee to Asaba.
Flood in Anam 2012
This is the Eke market in Umueze Anam covered by flood and the only street road now being plied only on boat.
Community Secondary School Umuoba Anam previously used as emergency camp but now taken over by flood.
 This is Umueze Anam Village square which has never seen flood in the past 100 years.

The pictures above shows the extent of the damages the flood has done to the people, the safe haven converted into a refugee camp has also been flooded by the River and the people were confined into staying in the upstairs of the building exposing the children and women to cold, mosquito, threat of drowning wild animals and even epidemic like cholera since they now rely on the flood for even drinking water, currently they cannot cook because of lack of kerosine, oil and other things.
This biulding above is a building in the heart of the town in fact in the village square which has been taken over by flood and this house is now being occupied by Fishes, reptiles and no property was taken out of the building because this flood came overnight to fill the whole area.
Our Prayer...
It is on this note that we call on the Federal Government, Anambra State Government, International Agencies, Non Governmental Organizations and other well meaning Individuals to come to the aid of the people by establishing an emergency camp to settle the displaced people of Anam, provide food, health care and most importantly water.


  1. I am amazed at how this flood has gone this height. Since I was born, I don't remember having witnessed this level of terrorizing flood

    I realy sympathize with my people - the people of Anam and also other people affected by the ravaging flood in other parts of Nigeria.

    May it please the Government to come to our assistance.

  2. @Nnaemeka Chukwuemeka. May God bless you for exposing the bad omen. We also wish to use this opportunity to spread the news to the world as our government are not doing enough to save the catastrophe that is looming.


  4. Governor we thank you for at least identifying with us, coming to see the fllod situation in Anambra west, and even entering the canoe boat. However, more need to be done to alleviate the suffering that our people are going through and would go through after the flood. Hunger, disease, epidemic, crime is imminent. Please use all avenues under your power as the njmber citizen of the state to help and call for help.


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