Friday, September 17, 2010


Development has been a word that has been accorded different meaning and interpretation amongst people of diverse backgrounds. In Economics view it entails a continuous or sustained growth where the latter involves a positive change in the level of production of goods and services in a an economy. It can be also seen as
"Qualitative measure of progress in an economy. It refers to development and adoption of new technologies, transition from agriculture based to industry based economy, and general improvement in living standards."
To the ordinary man on the street it means nothing than good roads, education for all, more jobs for the unemployed, low prices of goods and raw materials, constant electricity, healthy water supply etc.

To the ordinary Anamite, it is good roads to link the rural communities in the area and expose the area to merchants who would be interested in the agricultural produce of the people, electricity(even if not constant), good drinking water and little or nothing more.Anam and Anambra West local government area has been the most neglected part of Anambra State both by the government and the few privileged indigenous sons who either are sitting on accumulated wealth that were diverted from developmental funds allocated to the area, or who virtue of nature have excelled profoundly in their chosen careers but has never given enough to the community in terms of service. JOHN SWIFT said that "service is the rent you pay for the space you occupy in your community"

Comparing Anam with her neighbors in other parts of the state, one would see that they attained the level of development at which they presently occupy, not only because the government likes them more; but because their sons and daughters who were elected for various positions(at the same time with Anam people) judiciously  utilized their own allocations while our people would either sell their slots and enrich their ever-leaking pockets or be busy building mansions in cities.

More so, the other set of well privileged people who had succeeded in their chosen careers in these neighboring towns do come home and invest and develop their communities either by awarding scholarships to the youths(Human Capital Development), or creating some physical impacts in terms of road constructions, school reconstruction, bridge construction and lots more. However, in Anam, only a few people have identified with the community development. 

A lot of them have really tried and we beckon on them to strive harder for nothing is much for what you keep for posterity. The late Obafemi Awolowo is and would remain a legend and an icon in Yoruba Land because of the efforts he put in towards emancipation of the Yoruba Man which has seen them at the top civil service positions in the Federal Civil Service. We can do better. We have the material. We have the people. We enjoin Dr. Aloy Chife to expedite action in this NEW ANAM CITY PROJECT
Let the people have the feel. Let the people be part of it. 

We thank all the sons and daughters who have the interest of the people at heart and who have contributed at any point in time towards the development of the people either through physical or moral support to continuously and earnestly continue, for the fight must be won, the people must be liberated. The fight should be taken to the government also not through shedding blood, but by our efforts-connections,mouth, pen and paper. The current people in-charge of the Umueze Anam-Oroma Etiti-Nzam-Idah Abuja road should strive to give us the best. The glory of Anam is set to land. 
Vox populi est suprema lex.

Charles writes from India


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