Monday, August 23, 2010

Anam brief Profile

Anam is a town in Anambra West Local Government in the south Eastern state of Anambra in Nigeria. It is located in the north western part of the state. It is an island that is separated from Onitsha by the famous Anambra River in the south and Otuocha in the east, though Umuoba-one of the communities lies both on the island and across the river in Otuocha.

There are eight communities in Anam viz: Umueze, Umuoba, Mmiata, Iyiora(These four are called Ifite-Anam); Umuikwu, Umudiora, Oroma-Etiti and Umuenwelum(These four are called Ezi-Anam).

She has boundaries in the North with Nzam; in the east with Aguleri/Umueri; in the west with the River Niger; and in the south with Onitsha
Starting from Onitsha one goes through the old Nkisi expressway to Otuocha crosses Anambra River to the western part of Anam while Umuoba Anam is sharing Otuocha with Aguleri and Umueri.

The area of the town is riverine with an annual rainfall of about 2500mm. Most of the inhabitants are farmers and fishermen. They produce yam, cassava, maize and rice in abundance yearly. It is popularly known as the food basket of Anambra State. The people of the area are known for their hospitality.

Prominent personalities from Anam include the late Igwe J.C. Emeka of the popular Nkisi Palace hotels, Engr. Aloy Chife the CEO of Socket Works Global, and a lot of philanthropists like Chief S.U. Okeke(Omelora) amongst others.
It is one of the most rural areas in Anambra State owing to long period of neglect by the government and its own sons who has been into elective positions. It is a good tourist attraction

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