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As the hate crime on Africans by Malaysians continues. There was just another of those deaths in the cold hands of some irate Malaysian mobs. This young Man Mr. Okolo Solomon popularly known as "Solo" was yesterday Good Friday (Black Friday for him) 29/03/2013 around 6:45 pm brutally sent to the cold hands of death by locals numbering about 100 simply because he is a black? Solomon, a NIGERIAN and a father who went to assist a friend that was involved in an accident met his Waterloo and died in the police station while making report. He wasn't the person involved in the accident, he only came to help and that is how he was beaten with clubs and all forms of dangerous weapons until death through a bleeding from the head injuries sustained. See Video below.
In less than a year, three Nigerians have died in the hands of these hoodlums who pretend to be good but are actually worse than the Nazis. One was killed at Venice hill (http://www.punchng.com/news/world/nigerian-lynched-in-malaysia/), another one at Damansara Damai and now this. People taking laws into their hands and use mob attack as excuse to take the lives of fellow humans-just because of hate crime. How could Malaysia attain its status as a developed nation by 2015 when these pogroms continue in secrets and the government of Nigeria and Malaysia do less or nothing about this?

When a Malaysian boy was attacked last year in the UK riots of 2012, everyone was condemning the act and stood behind him. We also made donations in support. Over here, the hate crime against Africans and people with darker skin continues-yet any white skin from Europe, Americas and Pacific are adored.
You think Solomon’s son would forget that his father was brutally murdered in cold blood by some rampaging cacophonous Malaysians who had been fed with the garbage –hate all Africans because they are all bad. If you keep hiding on the assumption that all Africans are not good to enable you perpetrate your long orchestrated hatred against us; remember that many of us have lost a lot valuables to local touts who are good in-house breaking, car breaking, snatching and all lots of vociferous ‘gansgterism’ which you people seem to ignore.

You don’t want African immigrants any longer, but your government needs them to bolster the tourism industry. Your colleges need them to paint a good picture about the attractiveness of the education industry to internationals. The ambiance and the boom enjoyed by the Malaysian education sector are as a result of these same people you kill every day. They pay Thousands of Ringgit to the schools that on the other hand pay taxes and levies to the government; thereby maintaining a steady thrust of vibrant Gross Domestic Product.
The housing sector as well benefits much from the Africans who save them from the housing glut being experienced in Kuala Lumpur. It is left for the government to fight crimes by using legal means. Any resident convicted should face the law of the land irrespective of color or race. The public can only help government with information and not to lynch on unsuspecting innocent people anytime there is a scuffle.

The economic importance of Africans outweighs the crime that they are all being crucified for. Killing them can only do one of two things. Send them all parking and see the fall of the growing Asian Tiger and the failure to meet up with the 2015 goal of a developed democracy. Allow them stay and keep killing them and they will grow resistant and the survival theory by Charles Darwin comes to manifest, sending the country back to a state of anarchy where life is nasty short and brutal.
Things would soon fall apart and the Centre cannot hold any longer.

Response to ... Racism and Hate Crime in Malaysia at a Climax

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