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When you see them, you know

But few of them can be found

Living life with your kind of flair

Standing with your face to the sun

And doing what you know best

Many have threaded these paths

Since we stood under the same sky

But nay they never got it

Even though they did, it’s not as you did

I still remember when I lived with you at Aroma

Trying to follow on your footsteps

You gave me the impetus and the desire that I needed

The kind of memories that will always last

Growing up the future seemed like such a sure thing

Though you hardly say a word

But we get the message from your eyes

Work hard, play hard and don't sweat the bills

Today you have shown to us what it all means

Success is bits upon bits, not measured on money

The stars are now so clear from our domain

Anam has a new professor in thee

Even if our dreams still seem far away

We know that you would be a fulfilling force

To push and lure the rest of us

The road between us and them will never be too long again

Oroma Etiti has got it’s academician in thee

For knowledge they say is power

We are going to tap and fill our cups

Because we are thirsty and insatiable

We are so hungry for knowledge and development

And we trust we would find refuge in thee

Because as a captain thy ship shall not wreck

E’en though Anam rests on a rough sea of underdevelopment

We are happy to be your crew

And where thou sailest we shall sail

Because very soon we would see the land

And the whole tempest that rocked Anam shall be history

Anam shall rise again, but not the case of the black pearl
Hail Prof. Alex Chinwuba Asigbo.
Responses to ... An Ode to Anam's newest Professor-Alex Chinwuba Asigbo
Unknown said... March 17, 2012 at 8:52 AM

It is a big achievement !

Muhammad Mukhlis Ahmad Kamal said... February 10, 2014 at 2:58 AM

This is a great poem for a great African Professor. I like it. He is also young man.

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